1.Who is an honoree?

An honoree is any name (individual, company, group, etc.) as it currently appears on recognition signage on the UChicago Medicine campus. For example, donors may choose to have their own name(s) inscribed on their place of recognition, or the name(s) of other individual(s) the donors wish to honor or commemorate. Our gallery recognizes the names of those as they appear on the physical plaque or place of recognition.

2. How do I search for recognition?

Search for an honoree by either the honoree’s first name or last name. If you are unsure of the spelling, enter any part of the name you can remember. The search results will include all records with that letter combination.

Search by location (e.g., Center for Care and Discovery, Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine) and view all the recognition associated with this location. An interactive map of campus can be found here: maps.uchicago.edu

If you are searching for an honoree that is an organization, such as a foundation—including family foundations—or corporation, enter any part of the organization’s name you can remember in the “Organization” field. The “First Name” and “Last Name” search fields will not return results for honorees that are organizations.

3. How can I print my recognition photo and record?

You can print your recognition photo by clicking on the “Print Photo” button below the photo.

4. Why do multiple records containing my name appear in the search results?

If a name appears on more than one item of recognition, the name will have multiple records.

5. Can I add a photo of my recognition to the gallery?

Please contact Medicine and Biological Sciences Development at 773.702.6565 or [email protected].

6. I want to change my recognition listing in the gallery. How can it be edited?

If you would like your recognition to be removed or edited within the gallery, please contact Medicine and Biological Sciences Development at 773.702.6565 or [email protected].

7. Why doesn’t my recognition appear in the gallery?

The facilities at UChicago Medicine have adapted to accommodate our growth and keep pace with new research and patient care initiatives. Many buildings have been extensively renovated, affecting donor recognition in some areas. This online gallery aims to create a permanent collection to commemorate the generosity of all donors throughout UChicago Medicine’s history.

If you know your recognition still exists on campus, please check the spelling of the name, or search using any part of the name you remember.

If your recognition was recently installed, please allow time for your recognition to be published online.

For older historical recognition, we continue to identify and add newly catalogued plaques and items of recognition to the gallery. If you think there has been an error or omission, please contact Medicine and Biological Sciences Development at 773.702.6565 or [email protected].